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A blog about architecture, design and Zeitgeist called My colleague and business partner Marco writes for them °°° There is an alternative ending to I am Legend, interesting, better I think. °°° Germany is playing the Euro 2008 finals, against Spain. covers it, so do some bars in NYC.

Cool view over Harlem can be found here (thanks to Birthe) °°°
Harlem is also picking up on German media. Die Tagesschau has an interesting article on how Harlem changed recently (in German, thanks to Jamie)

Kind of a note to myself: great business card design can be found on Flickr or here °°° is stock photography I love and can afford °°°

And the winner is…. Blue Vertigo has the most comprehensive collection of design links on the web, I think °°°

Microsoft is dead. Applications escape your hard drive for a better life online. Why limewire Photoshop when you can edit your Flickr photos right there? Word, Excel? Google has it for free!°°°

I often post music videos on my blog, but jukeboxtube is even more convenient…°°° 

Weil ja bald Valentinstag ist, könnt Ihr hier erfahren, wie man "Ich liebe Dich" auf Bayerisch sagt, oder auf Berber, Bicol und Bengali (Danke, Sandra!). °°°

Wer noch tiefer einsteigen will, findet dutzende von vielgebrauchten Phrasen in allen möglich Sprachen hier, mit vielen Hörbeispielen. Ich sag nur:"Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale". °°°

The Top 100 fonts of all times include one of my favorites: Frutiger, also known as Humanist 777 and very similar to Myriad. It's also braintransfers corporate font. °°° has a great collection of free fonts. If you are looking for even more stuff to satisfy your design and layout needs, check out Blue Vertigo. A very comprising collection. °°°


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Welcome to, a personal weblog edited by Olaf Kreitz since 2005. covers some of the notable things I come across in New York, online or elsewhere in the world, small and big adventures, my 5 cents on movies, music, art, food and stuff I like. More here.

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